About Kitchen & Garden

Hi, I am John Reed, CEO, and founder of Kitchen Showroom, one of the Canadian largest and most dynamic retailers and is a well respected Canadian company which offers a large and diverse range of household goods to the market in addition to other key international markets.

At Kitchen Showroom, we design and build quality kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, laundries, and wardrobes. We are committed to our goal of customer satisfaction.

Over the years, our strong project coordination skills and excellence in design and installation of outstanding renovations have made us the most trusted name in the business

The Kitchen Showroom organization was founded in 1982, and as Chairman Gerry Harvey puts it: “Over the last 29 years we have successfully renovated more than 15,000 of our customer’s homes and are currently one of Canada’s premier home renovation specialists.”

And if you are here now, please, enjoy my personal blog and hope it will help you a lot.