Making Your Home Building Experience Worry Free

Here it is – your dream home source for designing and building your own home. By bringing you experience – based knowledge, our dream home source will help you turn your dream home into a pleasant reality instead of a costly nightmare.

According to a January 2019 Consumer Reports article, “it is estimated 15% of all new homes are seriously defective.” That’s 150,000 new homes a year! And with the cost of building materials going up as much as 50%, builders are under severe economic pressures to use poorer quality materials in order to keep the costs down.” – This problem is cropping up even in brand new homes and many insurance companies are refusing to even cover mold damage. The national average cost of a new home in Canada is $250,000. For that amount of money, shouldn’t you have a superior quality home?

To save you from the heartache of ending up with a seriously defective or poor quality home, we created your dream home source to give you the benefit of sound experience-based knowledge. Imagine walking through a home you designed and helped build yourself… Can you begin to feel the pride of your own creation?

Of course, you could just hire a builder to construct your dream home, but how can you be sure your interests will be served? You just can’t depend on all builders, to be honest, and with today’s housing boom, even honest builders are plagued with poorly trained workers. It’s up to you to make sure your dream house doesn’t become your 30-year nightmare!

Even if you have an experienced builder, he won’t be paying your heating bills. We found even highly qualified and recommended builders aren’t informed of the best energy saving materials to use in a new home. With your dream home source, you will know the best and most energy efficient methods, materials and ideas to incorporate into your new dream home.

We went through the fire and came out tempered with invaluable experience. We created this dream home source to help guide you to a superior quality house which will be a reflection of your unique personality.

Building a house is one of those things which may appear to be fairly simple, but quickly becomes complicated when you start looking at the details… Your dream home source was created to make it easier for you to work through the details.

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